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Kirk Jaques

Kirk specializes in elite level athleticism and martial arts training.

He's trained everyone from fighters to actors and stunt people of all levels, from beginners to world champion athletes.

Some of his well-known students and clients include Scarlett Johansson, Woody Harrelson, Jeremy Irons, Tom Welling and Lana Parilla, as well as many others.

In the martial arts world, Kirk has taught in Vancouver since 1976, training many students to black sash level. He's had champion students in the world of kickboxing, and brought fighters to the illustrious Savate Coup du Monde (World Cup) in France four years running. He also earned Coach of the Year honors from the BC Kickboxing Association.

Currently, Kirk juggles a busy career in the film industry with both group classes and personal instruction at Fit On 6th. If you're looking for a challenging and interesting way to expand your fitness goals, give him a call.

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