Evans Green

Growing up I’d always been skinny. Exercising changed my life. Apart from the health benefits it also taught me a lot like hard work, discipline and patience, but most importantly it gave me the confidence I needed to go out in life and chase my dreams. And that’s the reason I became a trainer, to help people become the best versions of themselves: Healthier, confident and empowered.

Introducing EVAGREEN Fitness, Lifestyle and Health

EVAGREEN is founded on the idea that we need more than just fitness to be healthy- there are other factors, like our nutrition and a healthy environment (planet/ecosystem), that influence our health. For this reason, we have developed an integrated nutrition and environment approach to wellness.

For more information on how I can help you achieve your lifestyle goals in a healthy and environmentally conscientious way, please visit my website https://www.evagreenfhl.com/

As part of an effort to create a healthier and more sustainable environment, EVAGREEN will be donating part of its earnings to non profit companies dedicated to improving and protecting our planet, like 1% for the Planet.

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